Trex Decking Products

Make the Trex decision that's right for you™

Three tiers of decking products provide a comprehensive range of easy, low-maintenance options so that every family and every budget can experience the warm feeling of belonging

High Performance

Won't rot, warp, or splinter. Backed by 25-Year Limited Residential and Fade & Stain warranties.

Sustainably Manufactured

Made in the USA using 95% post-consumer plastic film and reclaimed sawdust.

Easy Installation

Use grooved-edge boards with our Trex Hideaway® Hidden Fastening System for a smooth, premium finish.

Long-lasting Beauty

Versatile colors feature a refined wood grain that adds depth and luxury to any backyard.


Trex Transcend® Lineage™ Decking Products

The next generation of design and performance.









Stunning Color Options

Transcend Lineage comes in four lighter, on-trend colors: Biscayne, Rainier, Carmel and Jasper. These tranquil tones create a clean canvas for your outdoor space.

Cooler Under the Sun*

Reflects the sun and your sense of style. Transcend Lineage is engineered to keep your deck cooler, even on the hottest days.

*Although Trex Transcend Lineage is designed to be cooler than most other composite decking products of a similar color, on a hot sunny day, it will get hot. On hot days, care should be taken to avoid extended contact between exposed skin and the deck surface, especially with young children and those with special needs.

Fade-, Stain-, Scratch- & Mold-Resistant

Transcend decking maintains its vibrant color and luxurious finish—come scorching sun or red-wine spill—thanks to its unyielding shell protection. (Not to mention simple soap-and-water cleanup.)


Trex Transcend® Decking Products

Elevated aesthetics paired with the highest level of performance. Available in Earth Tones and Tropical colors.



Spiced Rum


Island Mist


Havana Gold

Trex Decking

Unparalleled Beauty
Trex Transcend decking has a deep wood-grain pattern and luxury colors to create a premium, ageless look that leave other composites in the dust

Hassle Free
No sanding. No staining. No painting. No kidding. (Not to mention simple soap-and-water cleanup.)

Fade, Stain, Scratch and Mold Resistant
Transcend decking maintains its vibrant color and luxurious finish–come scorching sun or red-wine spill–thanks to its unyielding, three-side shell protection…and our 25-Year Limited Residential Fade & Stain Warranty.

A Green Deck
Using a 95% recycled board (that’s almost the whole thing) makes you feel about the great outdoors.

Trex Decking, Trex Select Decking

Trex Select® Decking Products

The perfect pairing of price and minimal maintenance. Available in Earth Tones colors.

Trex Decking

Select Saddle

Trex Decking

Pebble Grey

Trex Decking

Woodland Brown

With such an easy design scheme, Trex Select decking and railing adds our legendary luxury to your home more affordably than ever. While Select decking features our hallmark high-performance shell technology and nature-inspired colors, the complementary white railing is a simple solution for a clean finish. Now more than ever, you can complete your high-caliber outdoor living system without compromise.


Trex Enhance® Decking Products

Pair the beauty of wood with the ease of composite, at the right price and with minimal maintenance. Available in Natural and Basic colors.

Trex Decking

Foggy Wharf

Trex Decking

Rocky Harbor

Trex Decking

Coastal Bluff

Trex Decking

Toasted Sand

Trex Decking

Basic Saddle

Trex Decking

Basic Clam Shell

Trex Decking

Two Worry-Free Collections

If you seek the durability of composite and the affordability of wood, opt for Basics. This long-lasting decking requires little upkeep and comes in three traditional colors.

For an authentic wood-grain appearance, choose Trex Enhance® Naturals. Naturals high-performance collection includes five multi-tonal colors inspired by nature.

Trex Enhance® Basics and Trex Enhance® Naturals both offer fade and stain protection, as well as enhanced mold and mildew resistance, to make maintenance simple. And because the boards are scalloped, they’re as lightweight as lumber—without the extra work.

Compatible With All Trex Railing

No outdoor living space is complete without railing that perfectly captures its surroundings. Above all, Trex Enhance decks mix and match with all of our Trex railing lines, allowing you to create a completely custom look.

A perfect finish with Trex Hideaway® Hidden Fasteners

The innovative Trex Hideaway Hidden Fasteners are an option with grooved-edge boards for perfectly consistent spacing and no visible screws on top.

Earth Friendly

We don’t harvest rainforests to make Trex. In fact, we’ve never cut down a single tree. Again, like all Trex decking—is made of recycled materials, from reclaimed wood and sawdust to plastic packaging.

What is the difference?

Trex has three series of products, Enhance, Select, and Transcend. Where Transcend has the best of strength and durability such as scratch resistance, Select offers a full stiffer profile with medium scratch resistance and Enhance offers reduced profile, entry level stiffness and scratch resistance. We recommend buying as much board as you can afford, with Transcend being the best in overall performance and appearance.

Don't see what you like? We can order 100's of deck board choices and colors!

Frequently Asked Questions

Trex high-performance decking and railing products combine low-maintenance upkeep and designminded style-all backed by our 25-year Limited Residential Warranty. The protective shell technology means all of our deck boards resist staining, fading and cracking, with the highest level of scratch resistance available from our Transcend Earth Tones and Tropicals decking lines, followed by Select Earth Tones, Enhance Naturals and Enhance Basics. Beyond that, Trex offers a variety of high-performance railing choices to meet different levels of style, performance and affordability.


  1.  Trex Transcend® decking offers the broadest range of decking colors and finishes (including five Earth Tones and five Tropicals). Engineered with a proprietary shell technology that protects against fading, staining, scratching, mold and mildew, Transcend decking offers elevated aesthetics paired with the highest level of performance. Plus, Transcend deck boards offer the beauty of exotic wood-without the environmental strain of harvesting endangered forests.
  2. Our Trex Select® Earth Tones and Trex Enhance® Naturals collections both offer high performance in five versatile colors. No matter which you choose, their fade and stain protections as well as enhanced mold and mildew resistance make maintenance simple. The question then becomes: what hue suits you? 

    If a classic solid is your style, Select Earth Tones deliver rich, opaque color to your yard. The perfect pairing of price and minimal maintenance, Select is a simple choice, particularly if you want a composite board with a profile that not only resembles traditional lumber, but can also be used as cocktail railing. 

    For a multi-tonal look, opt for Enhance Naturals. With its nature-inspired, authentic wood-grain appearance and lightweight, scalloped profile for simple handling, this collection offers the beauty of wood with the ease of composite. 

    Note: Select boards are slightly thinner than all Transcend and Enhance decking; to avoid tripping hazards, these collections should not be combined.

  3.  Trex Enhance® Basics meld the durability of composite with the affordability of wood, resulting in long-lasting, worry-free decking. Trex Enhance Basics decking comes in three traditional colors, and because the boards are scalloped, they're lightweight for easy handling.


  1.  Trex Signature® aluminum railing offers minimalist style with maximum strength. Trex Signature® also performs equally well for residential or commercial settings. What's more, aluminum is a 100% recyclable and renewable resource and Trex Signature® is backed by the Trex Signature®/Reveal® Limited Warranty.
  2.  Trex® Transcend railing offers nearly limitless opportunities to mix and match profiles and colors for a customized look. Our highest-performance railing option offers more colors in more component profiles than any railing out there.
  3.  Trex Select® railing is our simplest and most affordable high-performance system. The Classic White rails and Charcoal Black balusters of Trex Select can also mix and match with different colors of Trex post sleeves, post sleeve caps, and post sleeve skirts.

The cost of a Trex deck typically runs from $9 to $16 per square foot. Of course, that depends on where you're buying it, and how much you're purchasing. Visit our Cost Calculator for a customized estimate.