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After 20 years in the deck industry, I have served as a deck builder, home remodeling contractor, manufacturing executive, and distribution business development specialist. When I saw the opportunity to create a company that delivered customers not only a great deck but knowledge about what they are buying, I decided it was time to build again. From understanding the very origins of materials, the process in which they are manufactured and distributed, and the understanding of how to install correctly, has given me the opportunity to make sure our customers make informed choices for their projects.


There are plenty of companies that can build you a deck, but no one can provide the information and knowledge you need, and deck space planning like Fenix! Our company is not only built on a solid foundation of integrity, knowledge, and performance, but also on an unmatched amount of industry experience.


We stand behind our company and the service we provide to you. You won’t be working with a salesperson - you will be working with the owner of Fenix. Creating the ideal deck space takes a lot of planning and is truly an investment in your home. We want to make sure you know the proper care and maintenance for your deck space. Your customized deck space is a large investment, so don’t let others treat you or your home like just another deck.

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